Semalt Presents The Strangest Wiki Articles Ever

It's very easy to fall into the wiki-hole while browsing the Wikipedia. You might look for the actors who played the best roles in Hollywood films, and then you started searching about their wives and found that they did not go to the high school and started their careers too early. Wikipedia has recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and the site begins providing information for children doing their assignments and homework. With a great number of data and information at the fingertips, here, Oliver King, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, has rounded up the weirdest and creepiest Wiki articles of all time:

1. Vladimir Demikhov

Vladimir Demikhov was a famous and renewed scientist who introduced the concepts of organ transplant for the first time. From 1930 to 1950, he conducted a few experiments and transplanted a human heart into a monkey. Later on, he transplanted the heads of dogs successfully. During the 1960s, this scientist was able to transplant a dog head, turning it into a two-headed animal. It is widely believed that Dr. Robert White, a neurosurgeon who developed the head transplants on the monkeys, was quite impressed by Deminkhov's work.

2. Joyce Carol Vincent

Carol Vincent's dead body was found in her London apartment, which looked odd and unusual as the dead body as lying there for more than three years. Because of the bills being paid automatically, her television and heating were running, and the portion of her rent was being paid, everyone believed that Joyce was alive. Days before her death, this young lady had cut off contacts with her relatives and friends.

3. Jennifer and June Gibbons

They were beautiful twins who mirrored the movements of each other and spoke to one another in a way that no one could ever understand. Despite the attempts to separate them by sending them to different schools, the twins became catatonic and isolated themselves until they were reunited for a lifetime. Soon, they became criminals and were sent to the hospital, where they spent fourteen years. Jennifer fought severe complications and died of inflammation and June lived a regular life after that.

4. Armin Meiwes

This German guy gained notoriety for murdering and eating a person who gave himself to Armin on the internet. He had posted an ad on the site, The Cannibal Café, where Meiwes stated that he was looking for someone to be murdered and consumed. A man from Berlin, Bernd Jürgen Armando, responded to his ad and Miewes amputated Brandes' penis and cooked it properly.

5. Coffin birth

It is widely considered as the post-mortem fetal extrusion and belongs to the story of a pregnant woman. Because of the modern chemical preservation of dead bodies and advanced medicines, such cases rarely occur. But in the 15th century, medical authorities reported such incidents in a large number.

6. Roanoke Colony

This map of the Roanoke was found abandoned, and the setup belongs to North Carolina. Sir Walter Raleigh sent more than 100 colonists for establishing a town in the Chesapeake Bay. This town was headed by John White. When the White was asked to visit Roanoke to check on the settlers, he found a skeleton and the colony was then called as the Lost Colony.

7. The list of mysterious disappearances

This list of mysterious disappearances includes lots of people who disappeared from the face of the Earth, and no one knows where they went.