Semalt Shares Top Blocker WordPress Plugins Tips

Operating a WordPress website with spike and spam traffic can be a bit hectic. Blocker WordPress plugins help e-commerce website owners to block unwanted traffic and spammers originating from various countries. As a marketing consultant, you should not miss on using WordPress plugins for your website.

WordPress gives marketing consultants an opportunity to create excellent blogs and powerful design applications. Efficient use of blocker WordPress plugins allows website owners to block unwanted traffic congestions from specific countries.

Michael Brown, a leading expert from Semalt, defines here top listed blocker WordPress plugins that will help you prevent spiking traffic from individual countries.

Geolify WordPress plugin

Geolify is one of the best blocker WordPress plugins to use on your website. Geolify creates interactive images, content, and gets access to your potential visitors' location. Website owners using WordPress plugin enjoys the privilege of redirecting likely visitors from one URL to the other.

Geolify plugin comprises of a geolocation where website owners can access WordPress blog using scripts and codes. The commonly used codes include geolifylatitude and geolifystatename.

Centrora security plugin

Centrora is a unique blocker WordPress plugin designed to offer website security solutions. Centrora security plugin comprises of integrated scanners, backup solutions, and firewall. Website owners using Centrora security plugin readily identifies malicious scripts, virus, and SQL injections.

The newly released Centrora security version comprises of directory scanners and file scanners. This security plugin also consists of other top features such as individual country blocking, firewall configuration systems, and advanced scanners.

iQ Block Country Plugin

iQ blocker WordPress plugin gives website owners an opportunity to limit individual countries from accessing content. With the iQ block country plugin, you can easily block countries that cause spamming and hacking attempts.

As a WordPress website owner, you can decide on blocking all countries and except your IP address from accessing your content. Add a security layer on your WordPress website and block malicious visitors from accessing your content.

IP2Location Country Blocker plugin

IP2Location blocker WordPress plugin allows clients to block some visitors from accessing content. This WordPress plugin supports both BIN data and IP2Location formats. With IP2Location WordPress plugin, you can customize the 403 page and redirect visitors originating from multiple countries to a customized page.

IP Geo Block plugin

IP Geo Block plugin comprises of immigration control feature that helps to block login attempts, malicious access, and spam posts on your site. IP Geo blocker WordPress plugin supports security plugins, BuddyPress, easy rescue, and bbPress.

WP GEO Website Protection plugin

WP GEO WordPress plugin helps website owners to limit access to unwanted countries or individual IP addresses on your site. This blocker WordPress plugin blocks visitors originating from adverse countries from accessing your website's content.

Country IP Individual redirections

This is a blocker WordPress plugin that gives website owners an opportunity to block unwanted traffic. Country IP individual redirections plugin uses visitors' attribution and browser cookies to redirect blocked country's IP addresses to a predefined page.

Admin Block Country plugin

This is one of the best blocker WordPress plugins that work to block and limit access to your admin pages.

Wordfence Security plugin

This is the most advanced blocker WordPress plugin for blocking individual IP addresses, firewall, and login security. Wordfence security plugin is powered by Threat Defense Feed, software that protects website owners from being hacked.

The above-discussed blocker WordPress plugins help website owners to limit access of visitors accessing content and their websites. Download and install these features to block traffic congestions from malicious countries.